about us

about us

ElTarek Group is a renowned, wholly-owned private shareholding company, operating in the Arab republic of Egypt. It is regarded as one of the fastest growing companies in North Africa, controlling shares in subsidiaries and associated companies, managing over 1,500 employees, predominantly operating in the most strategic rapidly growing economy in the region. Our group is the fruition of over 45 years of steady growth, since the inception of our first business venture ElTarek automotive trading company in 1976, which is currently the largest automotive distributor of more than 20 renowned brands in Egypt. Capitalizing on our sound business structure, we effectively operate geographical network of branches and offices in every major city throughout Egypt, the second largest economy in Africa.

The early implementation of the business expansion strategy was inspired by our chairman’s vision. It allowed us to successfully expand the automobile trading business into vehicle maintenance, car rental, and transportation, representing iconic automobile brands. This strategy has effectively diversified the group into sectors such as real estate, tourism, logistics, financing and insurance brokerage. Today, we continue to work towards further increasing our group’s subsidiaries’ market share, and portfolio of companies, in addition to penetrating new promising markets and sectors. This is coupled with constant development of solid strategic partnerships with high profile global brands to fulfill the ongoing automotive requirements of a wide array of clients across Egypt. The group’s steady business growth constantly drives us to explore opportunities and build upon our market knowledge and years of experience, supported by the owning family’s innate business acumen.

We dedicate ourselves to authentic and enduring development through our relationships with our clients, our brand partners and our employee’s. We anchor our relationships with a firm commitment to the initiative, integrity and excellence, articulated by our culture and its fundamental values.


The story of ElTarek is one of building trust. This trust allowed the company to go through powerful transformation and expand its operation in multiple sectors. We owe our success to the early trailblazing vision of our founder & chairman Eng. Tarek Ismail, This, together with outstanding market knowledge has secured a sustainable operation consisting of a wide geographical network of branches and Offices, along with a fast growing economy in Egypt. Such a combination paved the way for us to be a major market player.
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Our aim is to continue to be customer centric, to maintain our excellence, and to further develop our service quality and capacity, by capitalizing on our reputation and history of success, to take our experience in client servicing to new markets and sectors.
This driving force has been undoubtedly triggered by the trust that our clients and partners placed in us, resulting in our leading market position.
Our local and global network of partners made us what we are today - one of the most valuable and admired companies. With perseverance, dedication and integrity, we built strong relationships and nurtured the trust of our clients and customers whom we consider the heart of our business, through deep product knowledge, expertise, safety practices and authentic insights into the transportation needs of the people in Egypt, and the deployment of a professional and devoted staff who understand the aspirations of their customers.
The last 45 years have transformed our nation beyond recognition. We too have transformed and grown along with the nation to achieve what is today a leading, robust, and diversified corporate organization, and have done so by virtue of the adaptability and resilience that is the hallmark of our people.
Today, we remain committed to the same ideals and objectives that have driven our success over the last quarter of a century. Values ingrained into our corporate culture include excellence with zero compromise on quality and safety, consistent value for money for our customers and meeting their expectations, continuous development and investment in our human resources, and a strong commitment to serving our community in social and environmental aspects.

Eng. Tarek Ismail

Chairman & Founder

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  • We are aware of the importance of having partners that can rely on us when working together. Thus, we work to provide a positive and safe work environment where employees feel valued as a part of our organization. We structure and implement our Human Resources strategies believing in the professional knowledge, experience and creativity of our employees. This philosophy keeps our employees in a position to deliver beyond expectations to our clients and partners.
  • Our Vision is to achieve success in all of our corporate endeavors, while enriching the lives of our clients, partners, employee's, and society.
  • With customer care & satisfaction at its foremost commercial ideal, ELTarek aims through sophisticated and efficient distribution and premium servicing networks – to deliver the solutions well suited to the requirements of its clientele, with commercially competitive and financially viable offers. Thus, expanding its markets and securing the desired return on investment for its principals and respective stakeholders.
  • Our Goal is to become the market leaders in everything we do, through prioritizing customer satisfaction at the forefront of our business ideal, inducing healthy business practices, and promoting employee development.
  • We know great results come from people feeling valued and getting the support they need to reach their full potential. Thus, our success is driven by our people, so we aim to attract, develop and retain a diverse, high-performing workforce, guided by our values, we support our people to reach their full potential.
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